Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Source: https://forum.gateworld.net/threads/88204-Shipsgiving-2013-A-Sam-Jack-Celebration!/page5

– Look between them in the briefing room when Jack gets called to Hammond’s office.

Fire and Water:
– They’re holding onto each other as they come down the ramp at the beginning.

– He takes hold of her during her flashback at Daniel’s apartment.

– The hug at the end of the hypnosis session.

– When she checks out his abdomen.

– ‘Nice job’ he tells her at the end with lovely smile.

– His ‘I know who won’t be staying’ remark at the observatory on Hanka.

– His offering to take Cassie.

– His worry about her in the vault with Cassie and relief at her being OK.

– The looks over the dog.

– Very together in the argument with Hammond in the briefing room.

-Sam is staring at Jack dreamily in the briefing room.

-As the Tollan leave, Jack and Sam share conspiratorial grins in the control room.

– Stranded in Antarctica together; snuggling, giggling, mention of side-arms.

– They both note it was an honour to serve with the other.

– Dying together; her telling ‘Jack’ its OK for him to sleep.

– She’s still concerned and telling their rescuers about his injuries at the end.

Tin Man:
– When robot Jack cuts open his arm, Sam sits very closely on the bed next to him to help him.

There But for The Grace of God:
– AU O’Neill and Carter are engaged to be married and there’s the nice hug before he goes off to try and convince AU Teal’c not to shoot them all.

– Daniel’s ‘you and Sam were engaged’ remark.

– The ‘Let’s get this straight; engaged?’, ‘It is theoretically possible’, ‘Its against regulations’, ‘I was talking physics, sir’ discussion.

Within the Serpent’s Grasp:
None really — they play it very straight although the discussion about going on the mission when he tells her it isn’t an order and she says she’s going could be construed as shippy if you’re that way inclined…


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