Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Sam is trying to convince Hammond and Jack about searching for the Tok’ra.

Jack is stubbornly skeptical.

Sam is frustrated because she doesn’t understand it herself.

Hammond is agreeable but only if Jack is willing.

Which surprises Jack a bit.

Sam pleads with Jack to agree.

Jack studies her…

thinks about it…

and finally gives in.

After Selmak has blended with Jacob he can’t be moved.
Everyone debates leaving him alone or having someone stay with him.

Sam says she’ll stay.

Jack is surprised and completely against it.

Sam defiantly tells him she’s not leaving then softens and pleads for him to understand.

Eyes locked on each other, Jack reluctantly agrees.

Sam remembers being attacked by the Ashrak.

Jack notices and looks worried.


Hiding from the Jaffa…

When they’re talking to Merrin in the infirmary about intelligence and fun.

The fishing invitation.

Of that scene my favorite part is when Sam says fishing “sounds great but…” as she points to her stuff and Jack cuts her off and tells her it’s okay and Sam watches him leave, looks back at her stuff then back at the door. Squeeeeeeee!!! There are so many wonderfully revealing expressions in that bit!

Again the fishing invitation.

In Sam’s lab when Jack sticks his face under her magnifier is cute, but I like the last part of the scene from when Jack says “I’m off” to when he leaves. There’s a whale of a difference in how they talk and act here from Nemesis. This time they’re both very comfortable with the conversation.

When they get out of the boat and have that little “argument.”
Their conversation in the commissary.
Teal’c is trapped in the gate and Sam has been working to get him out. Jack comes in to see how she’s doing.
He asks her why Teal’c is still trapped.
She tells him it’s complicated.
He asks if he can help?
She starts babbling about the process so far…
She stops when she sees Jack is overwhelmed.

There are so many adorable looks and reactions in the scene, from Jack gently touching her shoulder to Sam’s gentle smile when he asks if he can get her some coffee.

After Bra’tac is abducted and everyone is trying to figure out what to do. First, the little bit where Jack is checking out Sam. Then Sam and Malek start jabbering technobabble and Jack pulls on her rein.
“Sir, the invisibility field must operate…”
(waving his hand at her) “Are you about to tell me that you can make the invisible guy vis…?”
(cuts him off) “Yes, sir!”

“That’s all I need!”

Then Sam turns away frustrated and Jack gives her an exasperated look.

Part of me thinks he’s acting jealous and part of me thinks he’s upset about her wasting time chattering.

Walking in the corridor and Jack asks her to go fishing and Sam says she’s got other plans.

“Yes. There’s always something isn’t there.”

Which sets her off.

“Oh, come on, sir. We both know the only reason you asked is because you knew I had something else to do.”

He disagrees and asks her again but the elevator door closes on him.

“No, really. I think you should come. Fish…fish some more!”

In the lab on Pangar when they argue about whether or not the Tok’ra are withholding the cure.
Jack goofing with her at the telescope.
The discussion about Skaara’s wedding.

After giving Sam a hard time during her presentation Jack “consoles” her…

“All I’m saying, just for the record, this is the wackiest plan we’ve ever come up with.”

“Wackier than strapping an active Stargate to the bottom of the X-302?”

He brushes against her as he goes by. (Even though there was plenty of room to go by her without getting so close.)

“Oh, yeah.”

“Wackier than-than blowing up a sun?”


“He’s probably right.”

She leaves the room and Jonas and Daniel just sit there looking very confused.

As the team enters the town Sam makes a quip and gets a look from Jack.

She smiles

Giggles a little bit

Then starts looking at the buildings.

She fights back laughing again.

He smiles.

And then they bump into each other.

At the end when Sam and Teal’c return from hooking up the generator:

“The naquadah generator will sustain the power, Sir.”
“We should be able to begin the restoration process within hours.”
“And we can start relocating them shortly after that.”

“Good, we’ll leave that for SG-4, they love that kind of stuff.”

And then he winks at her…


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