Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

When Sam returns and Jack holds her back as everyone else leaves the gateroom. He compliments her command, she looks down and he does a little bounce. Then she looks up at him and he asks her to lunch.

Here’s a video of the scene. The bounce is about 12 seconds in.

The infirmary scene at the end. When Jack is about to leave and Sam thanks him.

For what?


Think nothing of it. I’ve got plenty of that.

“Nothing” = “Loving her”


Heroes, Part 2

Heroes, Part 1

Jack is getting coffee. Sam joins him.

And they talk about the documentary, casually walking off down the corridor.

Lost City, Part 2

The end when Jack is frozen and Sam puts her hand up to him.

Zero Hour

In the briefing room, their restrained argument…

in front of “the kids”.

Jack gets distracted by the Jaffa women

and Sam turns him around

all the while continuing the conversation undisturbed.


At the beginning when the alarm sounds and Sam heads to the control room and Jack is descending the stairs and they walk together over to Walter… Awwww.

Then when the text message comes through and Sam says they should check it out and Jack doesn’t hesitate to order Walter to prepare a MALP… Double-Awwww!

Then when they send the MALP through and Jack leans down reeeeeeeal close to Sam and they do that little looky-looky dance…



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