Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Reckoning, Part 2

I’m still torn up by the ending. They have this really nice conversation and a cute happy moment after Sam mentions Thor but then she brings up Daniel and BAM! Jack turns into Mr. Cranky Grouchy Pants.

She leaves, confused and, I think, hurt.

Jack acts like he wants to kick himself in his butt

Then he looks after her like…

Yes Jack, sometimes you are so dumb!

A jealous Jack is an interested Jack, and oh, he is so very jealous here.

I’m not sure about if Hammond knew about Sam’s and Jack’s feelings for each other, but I always found it funny that in future episodes Daniel was the only one that was close to the two tey still clueless about them. Whoever came up with Jack’s “Because I care about her…a lot more than I’m supposed to” is brilliant, it simultaneously explicitly stated Jack’s feelings and showed the forbidden nature of their relationship. I understood and slightly admired that the writers didn’t put Jack and Sam together in the first 8 seasons, but I really wished that we got an on screen confirmation of their relationship afterwards as they weren’t even in the same commands anymore, they already cared about each other more than most other military personnel, and they had enough clout/goodwill to have a relationship.



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