Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

My Evidence that Sam and Jack are together

Source: http://jenniferjf.livejournal.com/1420.html

Some examples of the immediate change in their attitudes towards each other in Threads

Actually sitting so close they’re legs have to be touching close in the briefing room after not even sitting in chairs next to each other for the first part of the season. He acts like a total Alpha Male around her at the beginning and end of Moebius, taking every opportunity to touch her. and give her personal orders that he knows she’ll follow.

He also admits he does what she says, “She won’t even let me go back to see the Cubs win the World Series” exactly like a boyfriend and completely unlike a General talking about a Lieutenant Colonel. Because of course she’s been giving him personal orders for years herself, he’s just suddenly proud of the fact.

When Sam returns to the SGC in Beachhead, for some reason which makes no MILITARY sense, Landry is having to talk Jack into ‘letting’ Sam come back. There’s something clearly beyond military decisions there, probably because Sam left in the first place on her choice and it’s her decision to come back (remember, both Cam and Jack had ‘any position you want’ offers, you gotta assume Sam would as well). Sam gives a ‘Jack’ smile when reporting to Landry, a perfect example of her new-found happiness post S8.

When Martouf came from an AU, Sam almost kissed him, but pulled back at the last moment clearly relieved. If she didn’t have a prior emotional commitment, why not kiss him and satisfy her curiosity? She kept Martouf at a careful distance after that…

In The Return II on SGA, Jack tells Weir he’s going home at the end to “a shower, hot toddy, and….” then he trails off smugly and suggestively. Many of us saw that as implying female type companionship, which would be the first time Jack has ever openly admitted to that without embarassment, because he’s actually proud of his relationship with Sam. And he obviously has someone waiting for him at home, since he assumes all this coziness 😉

Sam’s PERSONAL directory’s password is revealed as ‘Fishing’ in LiS. If she and Jack weren’t together, fishing should have a negative connotation, not be so closely associated with her PRIVATE life J.

In The Shroud, Sam and Jack are alone in her lab. They are comfortable and intimate with each other. They converse as equals, and without any of the UST or angst which has been a part of nearly all their interactions previously

Sam has a picture of herself fishing with Jack in her office when she’s in command of Atlantis in Atlantis S4:

Which indicates ‘fishing with Jack’ is a way she wants to remember herself.  She also has a picture of Jack alone in her private quarters:

Indicating a more personal relationship with him.

Though it was eventually deleted from the episode, a scene in SGA’s S4 episode Trio clearly indicates Sam and Jack are in an ongoing relationship

The very fact TPTB felt they COULD include this information indicates they’ve at least been writing to leave it open as a possibility for Sam and Jack to have been in a relationship all this time.  And, really, Martin Gero here never denies the fact that Sam and Jack are in a relationship, just that this bit didn’t really fit in this episode.  And, in the commentary, Amanda Tapping states about Sam that she’s saying here, “Jack’s her fella.”

At the end of Stargate Universe’s Air Pt 1, when Sam and Jack have a video conversation over communications, they are extremely non-formal with each other. Most significantly, she doesn’t refer to him as ‘Sir’. Not once. And back before S8 she could hardly go two sentences without it.

Brad Wright in a fall of ’08 interview stated that, to paraphrase, “If you want to imagine Sam and Jack have been in a relationship, then go ahead and imagine it, ” which also indicates this is a valid interpretation of the art they’ve been producing.  Similarly, at AT4 in fall of ’09 Amanda Tapping stated she believes Jack and Sam are together romantically and have been since Sam stopped being in his direct chain-of-command, back even before she went to Atlantis (which would have been when he transferred to Washington after S8, but AT didn’t state that explicitly) Joe Mallozzi has also stated he believes Sam and Jack got together after Threads. Which means interpreting her performance or his writing to infer Sam and Jack are together isn’t a stretch, but is almost certainly the artist’s intent as well.




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