Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

The Nox:
– She gets concerned when he gets shot and moves.
– She has a good feel of his wound when they’re waking up.

Brief Candle:
– He falls into her arms when he collapses and tells her to find out what’s wrong.
– She’s helping him to walk at the end.

The Torment of Tantalus:
– Jack saves her from disappearing into the ocean with the DHD.
– She worries about whether Jack and Daniel will make it back at the SGC watching the unstable wormhole.

– Look between them in the briefing room when Jack gets called to Hammond’s office.

Fire and Water:
– They’re holding onto each other as they come down the ramp at the beginning.
– He takes hold of her during her flashback at Daniel’s apartment.
– The hug at the end of the hypnosis session.


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