Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 2: The Serpent’s Lair

She bites him; “I like your spirit”

The exchange of looks when they leave Daniel

The exchange in the gliders at the end

Jack hugs her as the camera pans out right at the end

Season 2: In the Line of Duty

He goes back for her on the planet

His whole concern for Sam when Jolinar is holding the gate room hostage with a grenade

The scene where he walks out when she’s begging him to believe Jolinar

When he realizes the Ashrak has got to her

Wipes away a tear when they bring her into the infirmary

Waiting for her to wake up and telling when she does “you beat it’”

Season 2: Prisoners

He checks she’s alright after being attacked

His bragging to Linea about how she figured out how to work the Gate

He gives her a little slap on the arm to get her attention.

Her concern when the boys are getting their butts kicked

Season 2: Need

His look at her when Daniel runs after the princess, “I hate it when he does that”

His concern when Pyrus grabs her and runs his hand through her hair

He reaches out for her and places a hand on her back as they attempt escape.

Their mutual amusement over Daniel when they hear Shyla has a crush on him

When they’re still in the mines her resting next to him and falling asleep exhausted

Season 2: Thor’s Chariot

Jack checks Sam out while she is briefing Hammond

Nice look between them in the briefing when they’re trying to convince Hammond to let them go back

Season 2: Message in a Bottle

Jack hints at remembering the Broca Divide kiss as they find the bottle

Her worry about him as soon as he gets spiked

Keeping hold of him as Janet examines him, and leaves only reluctantly when Teal’c prepares to shoot the orb

Holding hands when she asks him for permission to try something

Her upset at thinking she’s killed him

Rushing into the gate room to check on him, keeps a hand on his knee

Season 2: Family

Lovely non-verbal interaction with Fro’tak is talking with Teal’c as they share a long look

Season 2: Secrets

Blow off this medal thing and go with the boys.

Walking to and arriving at the reception together.

Meeting Dad for the first time

He says, “We have our moments” and they share conspiratorial smiles

Covering each other when they come through the gate and find Heru’ur

Funny exchange over his throwing the knife through the shield

Hiding together when Apophis arrives back

Season 2: Bane

The discussion on saving Teal’c’s symbiote

Season 2: Spirits

Him wishing her well on her first command

Him walking out on her and her being furious ‘He is very upset’ says Teal’c, ‘Yeah so am I’ Sam replies

They meet at the armory and without talking about it Sam takes his weapon, readies it and hands it back to him as he can’t do it himself because of his arm

Season 2: The Tok’ra I

He seems to agree to the whole mission just because it’s her; there’s a look before he says ‘let’s check it out’

He gets jealous over Martouf

He’s very concerned about her the whole time: he only lets her go with Martouf reluctantly and tells Martouf to bring her back before curfew

He would battle the whole of the Tok’ra just to get her home to her Dad when they receive the news from Makepeace

Season 2: The Tok’ra II

He helps take her Dad through the gate

He agrees reluctantly to let her stay behind and then worries about his decision back at the SGC; is pleased to see her back

Season 2: Touchstone

The discussion on doohickey and look

Season 2: The Fifth Race

She takes charge when he collapses

He shows her base eight math

Jack worries even when he’s being overwritten with Ancient and comes up with the solution when she’s stuck on the planet

Her surprise that he drew the blue prints to fix the DHD

Her worry when he’s with the Asgard

Season 2: Serpent’s Song

Sam has a flashback to Jolinar and Jack calls her ‘Sam’ as he checks her in concerned (last time Jack calls her Sam in SG1)

Season 2: Holiday

Look they share when Daniel says he wouldn’t let Jack near his sister if he had one

Note: This is when these behind the scenes pics were taken

Season 2: Out of Mind

The whole checking out her naked bod

His seeing her worry for him in A Message in A Bottle episode on the memory screen

The whole exploring together scene where he has to hold her in order to keep her silent


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