Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 3: Into the Fire

Her concern for him when he’s zatted

She can’t watch as he is goa’ulded

She goes back for him

He yanks Hathor off her

The hug

The working together to rescue the others

She calls out to warn him and runs to him after the battle

Season 3: Seth

He calls Jacob ‘Dad’ to his face in front of Sam, and neither one of them reacts

‘Hail Dorothy’

Season 3: Fair Game

He watches proudly as she gets promoted and is about to give a speech about her when he gets beamed out

She wishes him luck before the negotiations start and she confides about her mixed feelings about Chronos to him (him being the System Lord who ordered Jolinar’s death). He smiles and winks at her as she leaves.

He tries to help her when she can’t heal Chronos

Season 3: Legacy

She’s concerned about how to save him when they’re trapped in the lab with the devices

Season 3: Learning Curve

The discussion on ‘fun’

Him waking her up

Him ordering her to get some sleep

He smiles at Merin’s painting of “Major Carter”

Season 3: Point of View

Jack’s initial reaction to AU Sam

Jack pointing out that our Sam knows how he feels about cliches

His stopping the “Sams” from arguing

His realization that AU Sam and Jack were married; his comforting AU Sam

His stopping to ask his Sam how she’s dealing with it all

The look in the briefing room when Sam realizes that AU Sam and Jack were married and Jack’s wince

Jack and Kawalsky’s discussion about Jack and Sam

Jack’s kiss with AU Sam while our poor Sam watches from the other side of the mirror!!!

Season 3: Deadman’s Switch

Jack going to rescue Sam and waking her up

Jack waking Sam up again after she’s passed out in the ship

Season 3: Rules of Engagement

The whole ‘you see where I’m going with this’ discussion of the solution of showing Apophis’s death on the Goa’uld communication device

Season 3: Forever in a Day

All in Daniel’s head, but don’t they look cute together even in Daniel’s mind, and look they match

Season 3: Past and Present

‘The MALP is worthless; it’s you I trust’ Jack to Sam

Jack and Sam noticing Kera and Daniel connecting in the library

Her and Jack’s discussion of Linnea’s journal and realizing Kera is Linnea

Her removing his hands from his ears to tell him the bad news

Season 3: Jolinar’s Memories

He teases her about the Tok’ra IDC, “maybe it’s Dad”

He’s not too happy about Martouf holding her hand in the hall

Tries to make her laugh during the briefing, “Might as well check out the neighborhood”

He assures Hammond, and her, that they will rescue Jacob

He is concerned about her on the journey to Netu – tells Martouf to back off and wakes up immediately when she cries out

He protests when Binar wants to see her

Season 3: The Devil You Know

He tries to stop them taking her to be tortured and gets shot

Season 3: Foothold

When she finds him in the chamber

Scene in the control room when the aliens are escaping

The briefing at the end when she gets praised for stopping the aliens

Season 3: Urgo

The eating together

Sitting really close to each other in the infirmary

The trying to switch Urgo off moment

Jack silently denying he’s thinking of bikinis to Sam

The scene in the gear-up room

She smirks at him when he admits he actually likes Urgo

Season 3: A Hundred Days

Jack telling Sam to just enjoy the show instead of describing the science behind the “fire rain”

Sam waiting until the last possible moment before the meteor hits to keep the wormhole open for Jack

Sam working all hours to build a particle beam generator; the discussion with Janet ‘You miss him’

Sam’s bemusement when he walks away from her at his rescue and her realization of his involvement with Laira

Season 3: Shades of Grey

Jack steps in before Sam can incriminate herself in the briefing when he admits he stole the technology

His scene in the corridor when he says he hasn’t been himself since he met her

Her look of pain as she salutes him goodbye believing he is returning to Edora

He watches her a lot when he’s spying on SG1

She’s the first to welcome him back

Season 3: New Ground

Their concern for each other getting tortured by zats

Season 3: Maternal Instinct

I’m fairly certain she’s the one helping him to remove his weapons when they get to the temple

Season 3: Crystal Skull

She inadvertently calls him dense

Practically sitting in each other’s laps in the briefing

The funny screwing up the technical terms before they go to the planet, “Nintendos pass through everything”

He picks her up when she falls unconscious on the planet and carries her back

She’s the first person he asks about when he wakes up in the infirmary

The discussion about Daniel as he walks her to the elevator

Season 3: Nemesis

The whole invitation to go fishing; her surprise ‘is that an invitation’; ‘nothing wrong with two workmates, friends if you will’; her reluctant refusal; his swift acceptance; her indecision and running after him

His refusal to let her join him when he appears as a hologram and her realization it’s a one way trip

His greeting of her when they beam up ‘I gave you people a direct order’

His showing her the stones



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