Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 4
Small Victories

The re-invitation to go fishing scene

Jack’s ‘you may not be dumb enough’ when she volunteers to go with Thor

Thor notices Sam’s worry for her team back on earth and tries to comfort her by saying that “O’Neill is a very capable human.”

They discuss their respective victories, “We kicked there asses” “They had asses”

She tells him she blew up The O’Neill

Season 4
The Other Side

Jack finding Carter already on the base and the ‘didn’t I order you to get a life?’ speech

His reassuring her over the dead people on the iris not being her fault

Her explaining the technology to him

Sitting together at the meal

Sam defending Jack to Daniel

The look between them when Jack orders the iris closed knowing the guy is probably going to follow them through


She suggests O’Malley’s and he agrees

She orders a diet Coke, which he finds amusing

The argument in front of Hammond, “Carter wanted a stake” “Actually it was your idea”

He checks on her when she starts to get hot

Jack going back for her when her armband fails

She worries about him when she wakes up and finds him passed out

Jack trying to get her out from behind the force-shield and her pleading with him to leave her especially when they hear the Jaffa


He makes her smile when he mentions Teal’c’s romantic “history” and “sparkage”

Their debates about whether to trust the Tok’ra

Divide and Conquer

He’s got his arm around her as they come down the ramp, right in front of Hammond

Their first discussion on being za’tarc’s

Him pushing Anise away and not answering the question of whether there is someone else

His deciding to sacrifice his brain for her

The look as she tries to stop him as he’s walking past in the corridor

Her realization of what they were hiding

Her discussion with him on why they were not telling the whole truth

Jack’s confession about his feelings for Sam ‘I would rather die myself than lose Carter’

The moment at the force-shield

Hers (off screen) and their agreement to ‘leave it in the room’

Window of Opportunity

Her coming to him in the commissary and asking him what she’s going to say next, him teasing her back that he knew she was going to say that

The kiss

The look in the briefing room the next loop

The look of pain on her face when he says how much it hurt to lose his son

His look when Daniel asked him if he took advantage of there never being any consequences


Cute look between them when the gate won’t engage and Jack sends Sam off to fix it.

Marchov’s and Sam’s discussion re Jack ‘is he always like this?’ ‘actually this is quite charming’

Look between Jack and Sam when Marchov talks about losing the people she works with and knew well

Jack tells Sam good luck as they go through the gate and Sam responds with “Thank you.”

The First Ones

Close during the night

Get tied up next to each other

Scorched Earth

Jack trying to stop Sam opening drawers in the ship

His ordering her to make the bomb

Her trying to change his mind about using the bomb

Beneath the Surface

He’s protective of her throughout

She goes to him to vent when she’s frustrated

Jack has dreams about “other things”

Jack and Sam sitting snuggled up together as Jonah and Therra; and he admits he remembers having feelings for her

When he wakes her up they are holding hands

Sam looks at Jack with admiration when he frees the laborers and shows them sunlight for the first time.

The scene at the end where their memories start to return and she calls him ‘sir’ the look of regret between them both before he quietly says for them to go home

Point of No Return

Jack is worried about Sam when she and Daniel go missing

Jack checks on Sam and goes to untie her first


She worries about him as he and Teal’c go flying off into space uncontrolled

Her despair after the failed burn

Her waking him up when they reach him in Jacob’s ship: ‘Dammit, Colonel, we haven’t come all this way to take you home in a box, now wake up.’

His happiness to see her; “Hi, Sir.”

His automatic yes in response to if he trusts her

The Curse

Another invitation to go fishing; another refusal

Serpent’s Venom

Her teasing him about what she’s reading being “all Phoenician to me.”

Jack crawls in by Sam to check on the mine, his head almost resting on her belly

Jack pulling Sam out from under the mine and placing her behind him


Sam is the one who goes to see Jack to convince him to help them

His genuine regret when she tells him she can’t have children

His jealousy of her husband in the scene at the cabin

He shows up at the SGC anyway

In the briefing room he tells her he’s still considering getting a dog

He agrees when Joe asks Jack to keep Sam out of the plan

Her running back to the wormhole

Absolute Power

Interestingly in Daniel’s dream its Jack who Sam turns to for help when Daniel has her locked up

The Light

The discussion about Jack’s bet with Daniel

Her figuring out what the bet was really about

Their shared horror over the suicide guy

Their snapping at each other and grabbing each other on the beach


His greeting Sam and Hailey

His trust in her theories

Her understanding of his decision

She wishes him luck

She worries about him as he’s running for the gate


His concern over her injury at the beginning

He saves her when the entity enters her

Jack’s discussion with Janet on getting the entity out of Sam

Jack’s anger at the entity—it’s not Sam; his agreement that ‘this one is important’

Hammond hinting that he knows Sam means a lot to Jack

His blackmailing of the entity to save Sam

His look of horror at shooting her

The scene with Janet telling him to let her go

The exchange at the end; ‘I was shouting for you to hear’ ‘We heard’. He reaches out to touch her but pulls back at the last minute and his hand lands on the gurney.

Double Jeopardy

The two Jacks squaring up to fight and Sam’s ‘Sirs! As much as I’d like to see how this plays out don’t we have something more important to do?’

Watching the others’ robot double dying


His pep talk before she blows up the sun

Sam telling her Dad they are not leaving Jack and Teal’c behind



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