Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 5

‘You go girl’ Jack

‘Welcome to my life!’ Sam

He asks her to try opening the door and she talks back

Sam and Jack go after Teal’c together


He tries to rush her and tells her not to turn anything on

He’s concerned about her in the briefing, keeps looking over at her and wants her to let SG-16 handle things

The ‘am I tense’ discussion?

His asking if he wants him to stick around when they examine her house for the alien and find nothing

Daniel asking ‘How’s Sam?’ and Jack avoiding the question

The discussion as he needs to go to the loo

When he turns up at the house and she hints she has a date, he answers ‘Good for you’ but stands on tiptoes trying to see into the house

His supporting her in front of Simmons in Hammond’s office and at the house

The Fifth Man

She tells him they aren’t leaving without him; he orders her to leave

Her refusal to give back her weapon and her insistence on going back

Her anger at not being able to go back

She talks Janet into investigating her vision instead of reporting it as the only way to help Jack

She finds it amusing that he invited “Tyler” fishing

Red Sky

‘I’ve been thinking’, ‘I’d be worried if you stopped’

He tells Daniel that Carter will come up with something miraculous and then when she has an idea he points it out

He tells her he has great confidence in her and she should go back to the SGC and confuse Hammond

‘I only understand 1% of what she says half the time.’ Jack about Sam

The scene where she’s explaining the solution in her lab and he gets the theory on the reintegration right

Right of Passage

Comes to see her and check on Cassie

Together on the way forward with Nirtii

She smiles when Cassie tells her Jack calls knights horses, and she defends him

The looks she gives him when he explains Cassie’s new abilities being attributable to magnets

The look he gives her with Cassie and Janet after Nirtii heals Cassie

Between Two Fires

He’s a little in awe and fear that Sam can be so sneaky about tracking the trinium

He uses Narim’s feelings for her to influence Narim to help them


Jack’s warning to Joe on asking Sam ‘how’

Jack mentions retirement right after Joe asks Sam on a date and she indicates she’s amenable

Their discussion on the note from the future: ‘Technically I haven’t sent it yet but if I get a chance again I’m sure going to fill it with a lot more detail.’, ‘Well you were probably trying to limit the causality violation by keeping it simple.’, ‘I wonder whose idea that was?’

He’s concerned when she has to go back to the Aschen alone and force their hand

His praise of her at the end and he’s the only one who ask her if she’s alright

Desperate Measures

His concern for her from the get-go

Jack gives up his National Geographics to find her

Jack’s face when he talks to Maybourne: ‘Harry, we’re talking about Carter here.’ ‘I know. I’m sorry Jack I really am. You know how this game is played and the people who play it. You have to prepare yourself for the possibility she might not be coming back.’

Jack trying everything to find her including going to Simmons

Jack arriving just in the nick of time to save her

Her finding him shot in the basement

The infirmary scene at the end

Proving Ground

Sam chews the cadets out for letting their feelings influence their actions in the field

She smiles at him chewing out the cadets and they discuss the training scenario

The scene in the mess with the jello and discussion on the new recruits

Sam noting ‘whoops’ when Elliot shoots Jack

She helps him up after being shot with the Intar

She tells him his wound is getting all over her lab

48 Hours

She inquires about his injury; he offers to help, but he doesn’t understand what she says so he offers to get her coffee

He doesn’t have a problem killing Conrad along with the goa’uld because he tried to kill Sam

His ‘are you sure you want to be in there?’ question when she’s in the gate room with Siler (and Siler answering back which is funny)

Last Stand

Their concern when they can’t reach each other

Jack getting Sam out when trapped in the tunnel


Nice look in the briefing

They push Spellman through the gate together

She comes upon him staring at a glowing light for no apparent reason

She doesn’t want to remind him about the recall device

Concern when she gets injured

Concern when she swoons; orders her to sit out the EVA

Concern when Jack can’t raise them in the ship

He lays down beside her as they wait to be rescued

The Warrior

His pride in her shooting skills

Shared look over leadership challenge being a fight to the death

Her reaction when he says he doesn’t talk much because he’s not that smart

Sitting next to one another by the fire


His indulgence of her new toy when they first bring Reese back, and she tries to turn it on

Together on their view of robots

She essentially orders him back to the planet, and he goes

He isn’t bothered when it’s Sam’s orders being followed on the planet, he just doesn’t want anyone to think he would say something like that

She is only mildly amused when he plays with the magnifying glass behind Daniel’s back

She basically tells him to stop playing with the Replicator when he’s tapping on the glass


Their discussion when Sam tells him that disobeying his order is the right thing to do when he is being tortured in front of her


The look she gives him when he agrees to take the mission

Scene in the corridor when she questions them going back to work

Her anger at his ‘good soldier crap’

Her shortness with him and refusal to put up with his banter when they arrive at the planet

His discussion of the Asgard’s inability to propagate through sexual reproduction

His walking through her as a hologram and checking her out

He sees her shot with a zat and her hologram disappears

Jack inviting Sam to join him and Teal’c for dinner



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