Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 6
Redemption 1

Hammond orders her to figure it out, she looks at him and he says “I got nothin’.”

Jack volunteers to go with Sam to try and contact the Asgard, despite his injured knee

She checks him out as they board the X302

Sam and Jack in the X302

He teases about the 605-2 error and being “torn asunder”

Her confession that she doesn’t have the answer and is scared; the ‘not that you’re an egghead…well you are an egghead…’ Then she calls him simple and they decide to go eat cake

Redemption 2

Her briefing him on the new plan to fly the Stargate out and encouraging him about Jonas

Her concern for him when they wonder if he made it


Teases her about “You scientists”

Discussion of “shrinkage” and the tropics

Almost drowning together in the locked corridor; he holds on to her

He encourages her and shows his confidence in her when she has to get the force field working with little time


Sam asking Jack to take the Tok’ra symbiote


She is not happy that Jack is still with the Tok’ra


Sam working hard to find Jack

The scene in the infirmary at the end

The Other Guys

Her distress when he is being tortured


She stops him from being undiplomatic with the Tok’ra

Sam explaining the overload and Jack without a cup of coffee

The scene with the za’tarc detector and remembering the false reading

He doesn’t call Teal’c off at Jacob’s request but he does when she gives him the look

He doesn’t like her techno talk with the Tok’ra and cuts her off when she tries it with him

He checks out her six, in front of her dad

He likes it when she makes him tingle, with the adjustments to the naquadah reactor


The discussion about having a “man friend” and why Tok’ra take hosts

He relies on her when reporting to the SGC and asks her if it’s OK to sign off

Provide each other with sounding board on whether to tell the Tok’ra or not/how to deal with the Tok’ra

Argue over the motivations and reliability of the Tok’ra


He’s mad as hell when he finds out the ship she’s on has been taken over by terrorists

He’s right there as soon as he hears her voice

Jack concerned about Sam as she gets trapped and has to get out of the store room before it takes off

Rescuing her in the nick of time again

He expects her to get them home, but she tells him she can’t

Unnatural Selection

The Enterprise discussion

The discussion with Thor about footwear and how that changes things

His look when she volunteers to let Fifth go into her mind

Her look on his signal in setting the timer

The uneasy discussion at the end

Sight Unseen

Nice looks over the briefing table showing mutual concern for Jonas

Another invitation to go fishing

Smoke and Mirrors

She doesn’t believe for a second that he would have shot Kinsey

She defends him to Hammond and Davis

She goes to him in prison, and makes plans to find the people really responsible

She tells Barrett that she has working with Jack and trusting him every day with her life tells her all she needs to know about him

Her upset when he is identified by the gun dealer

Her relentless pursuit of truth to clear his name

Paradise Lost

His agreement for her to help Harry and worry when Harry zats her

Her confrontations with Dr Lee

Teal’c noticing her worry about him

Her suggesting to Hammond that they launch a satellite over the planet to find him, and insisting that you can’t put a cost on his life

Her devastation when the Tok’ra can’t find him on the planet (and Hammond notices)

The crying in the locker room

She doesn’t care about possibly getting command of SG1, she’s intent on finding him


Sam and Jack getting captured by Nirtii where she holds Sam hostage

His concern for her getting taken and offering himself

His taking care of her when she is brought back from being experimented on by Nirtii

His concern when she admits she isn’t going to be OK

Her snuggling up to him when she’s dying (and Teal’c turning away to give them privacy)

The way he hovers over her the whole time

His trying to convince Nirtii to fix Sam

His devastation when one of the natives kills Nirtii thinking they’ve lost the only opportunity to save her

His going back for her

His taking hold of her after she is returned to normal

Their looks and interplay about the machine and The Wizard of OZ


Jack and Sam at the telescope at the beginning

Sam says there’s nothing she wants to discuss when Curso asks her if she’s seeing someone back home

Jack concerned at seeing Sam zatted and on the ground

Makes sure she’s alright before going after Jonas

The Changeling

They are totally in sync in the fireman universe

Jack loves it when his dreams feel so real, and we know who he’s dreaming about (Yes, this is in Teal’c’s mind, but I get the feeling he’s heard something like this from Jack before)


Jack reminding Ronson that Carter’s a genius

A unified front with Ronson about the ‘BBQ’

Working together when dealing with the alien government

He sits next to her and turns fully toward her even when talking to the others

Sam checking out Jack’s six during the Chairman’s big speech

Nice smiles over coming back for a state dinner


Eating a very bad meal together

Jonas telling them he saw Sam get injured on the mission

Jack telling Sam to sit the mission out just in case

Going to see Jonas together in the infirmary

Full Circle

The whole Skaara wedding invitation: ‘Will you be coming together?’ Skaara, ‘As in?’ Jack, ‘Friends going to a wedding.’ Sam, ‘Ah, Yes. Sure.’ Jack searches desperately for a distraction.



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