Episode Guide: Sam and Jack


He’s very proud of himself and almost showing off his cleverness for her with the cliché contest

They move as one when they see Daniel

He sees how disturbed she is when Daniel rejects her and tries to make a joke to make her smile

‘You’re it’ when handing over talking to Daniel

She thinks Daniel calling him Jim is funny, while he is not amused

Him heckling her in the briefing

The this is the craziest plan we’ve come up with discussion

Jack and Sam in the X302; Sam ‘I can tell you exactly what it’s made of.’ Jack ‘Why thank you ma’am.”


Their shared worry for Daniel and Jonas in the hands of Anubis and they don’t know where to find them (hearkens back to Jack’s experience with Ba’al)

Going to talk to the Kelownans and working together

He tries to get her to lighten up when discussing Anubis making use of the naquadriah

Silent, almost instantaneous communication about whether to help the Kelownans fight Anubis

When Teal’c is talking to Jack about Ba’al she senses his distress from across the room and turns to him; he looks to her for support

When the story about the dancing monkey’s falls flat he passes the diplomatic ball over to her

He agrees to let her go retrieve the crystal but sends Teal’c with her

Fragile Balance

He asks for Sam when he arrives as a teenager

She sets him up with a Playstation

Sam admits teenage Jack is cute

Sam lets him into the briefing

Sam is sent to tell Jack he’s dying, and she stays with him

She brings her father to help and when Jacob suggests stasis and he resists she uses her trump card, ‘Please’ (ala Frozen)

Jack finding everyone including Sam in his bedroom

She’s relieved to have the original Jack again

Ask her to explain what’s going on and she introduces him to his clone

He asks her if he should be irked about being kidnapped and cloned and she agrees that she would be


Plan B discussion


When Jack introduces the team he calls her Sam.

As they are walking into the village, Sam smiles slightly and looks fondly amused with Jack over his “trade.”

When Sam reports about the dropping power, Jack is a little impatient with her technobabble, but restrains himself from cutting her off.

He calls Sam to warn her that they may be in danger and tells her to be careful.


‘We have a shipload of frozen people’ exchange

Waking up in the infirmary together

Go to check on Daniel together, no sense of personal space, their whole sides are up against each other

Enemy Mine

In the infirmary: ‘How’s the science project?’ Jack, ‘You mean my complete overhaul of the gate diagnostic system?’ Sam.

Space Race

Their looks when Eamon says they couldn’t win the race without her

The scene when they look at the instruction book; ‘That’s not our language!’ Jack. ‘It’s mine, Sir.’ Sam. (And there’s touching.)

Teal’c getting out of the diplomacy; ‘I do not wish to disappoint Major Carter.’ Teal’c. ‘Yes I know the feeling.’ Jack. (And more touching.)

His contacting her about the ion drive and telling her not to take risks

Avenger 2.0

She takes him for the demo with Felger, the bit about phasers (and more touching)

He wants her to come on the mission with him instead of staying to work with Felger

He worries about her heading to a hostile planet with only Felger as back up; turns up in an Alkesh to save her

She indulges his desire to surprise General Hammond with his “alternate transportation”

In Felger’s fantasy, he and Jack watch Sam and Chloe fighting


She’s not amused by his willingness to ‘help’ the Ha’ktyl propagate

Sam’s discussion with the Jaffa woman on her relationship with Jack: ‘You are close to Col O’Neill?’, ‘Yeah. I like to think we have a special relationship.’ Sam replies. ‘I hope to someday have a special relationship.’, ‘Oh. No. It’s not like that.’ ‘Like what?’ ‘We aren’t…I mean…we don’t…’ Sam stutters. ‘I was speaking of the mutual respect you share.’ Sam; ‘I knew that.’

Shared look when the symbiote is brought out

Evolution 1

Sam and Jack discussing her plan to catch the super-soldier

Jack and Sam trying to catch the super-soldier (blowing things up together)

Sam and Jack agreeing facetiously that Jack’s attempt to talk them out of prison ‘went well’

Sam names the super-soldier and gets Jack’s approval

Their mutual distress over Daniel’s kidnapping

Evolution 2

Jack’s discussion with Sam before leaving to rescue Daniel

The scene in the gate room when Sam arrives back: ‘Miss me?’ Jack asks in front of her father and General Hammond. ‘Of course, sir.’ Sam.

Jack compliments her on the command then invites her to lunch.


Really abrupt with Daniel in the elevator because of his worry for her

She imagines her father tells her to find happiness and allow herself to love and be loved (similar to what he tells her on his deathbed, but not reflecting his actual understanding of her feelings for Jack)

His disappointment and frustration when their search is a bust

Her scene with ‘hallucination’ Jack as she discusses her relationship with him (or lack thereof) and imagines a kiss

Worrying back at the SGC about her as they struggle to find her; his scene with Teal’c in the locker room

The scene in the infirmary at the end: he’s staring at her while she sleeps; she calls him ‘Jack’; he mentions cake; she fails to confront him about their true feelings


Sam, Jack, the elevator and humming

His picking up something is wrong and her confiding that she thought Pete might have been able to handle the truth about her job

Death Knell

His concern when survivors are found and she isn’t with them

Jack won’t stop until he’s found her

Jack turns up to rescue her just in the nick of time

His concern for her after he’s found her and saved her from the super soldier

The cuddle at the end

Heroes 1

Sam’s interview with Bregman when he questions her about Jack and she calls him an amazing man

Heroes 2

Her concern for him on the battlefield

She can’t hold back her emotions when she tells him she’s really glad he’s OK

The hug in his infirmary room


Kinsey suggests Sam and Jack are more than friends or colleagues

Lost City 1

He tells Daniel that helping him with the crossword will be the one thing she doesn’t know

He’s obsessed with the crossword she gave him; it’s even more important than work (and his job is to save the planet!)

She turns up at his house—funny story; when she tells him she couldn’t sleep he tells her she should have called

They discuss how many planets they’ve visited, most of which you can’t see from earth

He encourages her to stay when she gets uncomfortable

They have the national treasure discussion

They share a smile about Daniel’s funny story of ending up at Jack’s house

He deflects attention from his situation by joking that time is relative and Carter could explain it if there were enough time

Lost City 2

The last thing he wants to do before he loses his faculties is finish the crossword she gave him; she’s not impressed with his Uma Thurman answer

He tells her to take command; he says he trusts her and resigns

On the ship, she tries to tell him what she was going to say at the house before Daniel and Teal’c showed up and he stops her with ‘I know’

She orders him after he tells her to take over the leadership

She’s immediately by his side when he collapses in the chair at the end; she calls him ‘Jack’ and pleads with him to stay with them

He says farewell, “Aveo Amacus”

She reaches out to touch the icy tomb tenderly and he seems to be looking back at her



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