Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 9
Avalon 1

Sam tells Cameron she took the Area 51 job for personal reasons – perhaps an allusion to her relationship with Jack

Jack mentions selling a motorcycle but given the only motorcycle in canon is Sam’s is there a connection?


Jack comes to visit Daniel and says he’s in the neighborhood with a surprise for Cameron (Maybe Sam told him to go, and he’s on his way to see her next?)

Jack tells Cameron that as a general he can do anything – perhaps an allusion to his relationship with Sam?


Jack sends Sam back to the SGC to help out Landry

Ex Deus Machina

Sam tells Barratt ‘not exactly’ when he asks if she’s single; she does confirm she’s not with Pete – is she with Jack?

Ripple Effect

Black AU Sam is back from honeymoon (maybe with Jack, or maybe since she’s evil she married Pete)

When AU Martouf says that long distance relationships can be difficult Sam looks like she understands (because she is in a long distance relationship with Jack?)

Sam almost kisses AU Martouf but stops just in time and seem to be thankful it didn’t happen

One AU Sam is on maternity leave. No mention of who the ‘husband/father’ is, but we know it’s Jack


A royal marriage is alluded to in the poker game

Sam looks comfy in Jack’s cabin


Shower scene between Sam and invisible Jack

Daniel mentions Jack having unfinished business he agrees and everyone looks at Sam

Fishing is referred to by Jack

Wedding scenario with Jack and Sam

Nice looks after the wedding suggestion

Standing closely together in the gate room before they depart

The Quest 2

When Sam decks Baal it’s sweet revenge for herself and maybe a little for Jack too?!

Line in the Sand

Sam says ‘d’oh’ when she is handed decaf coffee

Sam mentions she has letters for people after she is dead and that the password to her personal directory is ‘fishing’

Road Not Taken

Sam is interested in who her counterpart is married to and is disturbed but relieved to hear that her counterpart divorced McKay

The Shroud

Sam and Jack stand closely together in her lab and discuss Daniel in a way that indicates emotional intimacy

Sat next to each other in briefings (and fully facing each other)

Nice smile during the ‘crazy’ discussion

Jack’s discussion about worry seems very personal for a senior military officer


(Lee suggests that the conference offers a great single scene which is a great window of opportunity possibly indicating that when Sam was single, Jack retired as he did in the episode WoO? Certainly references shippy episode!) Sam looks as though she is about to contradict Dr Lee’s assumption she is single

The holographic technology Sam is demonstrating is called Chimera possibly suggesting Sam is perpetuating an illusion about her single status and indicating that her relationship with Pete was nothing but an illusion of love

Bad Guys

Sam is stuck in Washington debriefing the President but maybe spending time with a certain General?


Sam appears to give up getting home and possibly on her relationship with Jack as the shippy music plays

She is encouraged to continue by Jack’s friend Landry before receiving a hug from Teal’c a la Paradise Lost

Ark of Truth

Sam is very bubbly with Mitchell in the infirmary – obviously off to see Jack!


Sam smiles when Landry mentions Jack and makes a comment that acknowledges her understanding of his history with Baal

Sam and Jack stand closely together during Ba’al’s extraction ceremony

Jack tells Baal that his life is quite good (a reference to his relationship with Sam perhaps)

She refuses to leave him when he dies

Sam is devastated by his death and cannot function back on Earth in the changed timeline – Mitchell has to remind her they need her

Sam is ecstatic to see Jack alive and Jack seems delighted to see her but she is confused when he calls her a dead astronaut

She can’t stop looking at him when they come aboard the sub

Sam realizes this Jack is not her Jack in the ward room of the submarine

The interrogation sequence is a nice call back to POV

Sam shops for ‘Frootees’ – the timelines version of Fruit Loops

With the timeline restored, Jack invites everyone to lunch and even offers to buy at Sam’s non-verbal prodding

Jack and Sam walk off together to talk about a ‘moonbase’


The Return 2

Jack notes he’d watched Carter enough times to know McKay was only pretending to get them out

Jack tells Weir that next time she should consider bringing Carter

Jack notes he’s going to take a puddle jumper home, have a hot shower, hot toddy and…he’s interrupted!! Maybe he was going to mention a certain hot blonde!


When Sheppard congratulates Sam he looks down at her hand and she is confused at first, (perhaps thinking it could be a personal congratulations related to a momentous event in her relationship with Jack?) until he specifies he was speaking of her promotion to Colonel.

Sam has a photo of Jack in civvies in her luggage which never appears in her office

Doppelganger; Tabula Rasa; The Seer; Be All My Sins Remember’d

Sam has a picture of her and Jack fishing in her office (you can see it in numerous episodes and it changes position from time to time, which means she must pick it up and look at it – maybe when she’s missing Jack?)

Be All My Sins Remember’d (deleted scene)

Sam talking to Caldwell about how much she misses SG1 and how it’s lonely at the top and Atlantis isn’t really home (Could she also be missing Jack?)

Trio (deleted scene)

Sam discusses a relationship with an older man in Washington (confirmed by series’ producer to be Jack)

The Kindred 2

When Carson is frozen in the Ancient stasis pod Sam looks very unnerved (like she is reliving bad memories of Jack from Lost City)


Air 1

The Hammond beams Eli and Rush aboard, was Jack also beamed and with Sam?

Jack responds with urgency as soon as he is told they’ve made contact with Sam

The discussion is free of the usual ‘sirs’ and feels like an exchange between equals rather than CO and subordinate officer. There’s an intimacy in the exchange

Air 3

Is Jack playing chess with Sam?


Jack notes that Carter’s wacky science saved his butt a lot

He is quick to agree to the continuing home visits Young demands as though he knows what it feels like to be separated from loved ones


Jack notes to Daniel that Carter is scanning the area

He tells Telford that he knows what makes him special – a reference to Sam?!

Incursion 1

Sam reports to Jack on the mission and that she has lost two of her men. He tells her “I’m sorry, Sam” – calling her Sam for the first time in years!!!

Jack talks proudly to Young of how Sam made the hard decision



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