Sam and Jack clashed when they first met, but eventually formed a bond after their missions to Abydos and Chulak.

I adore you already, Captain.



While infected with an alien virus that turned them into primitives, Sam tried to seduce Jack, and Jack got very defensive when Daniel was concerned about Sam.

I want you.



After the Stargate malfunctioned, Sam and Jack were trapped in Antarctica, unaware of their location. When a rescue seemed unlikely, Jack urged Sam to leave him, dying, in order to save herself.

As much as I might otherwise think this was nice…



While in an alternate reality, Daniel found a version of the SGC where Jack was the General in charge of the facility, Sam had never joined the Air Force — and the two were engaged to be married.

I take it they’re not engaged in your reality.



An alternate version of Sam and Major Kawalsky appeared out of nowhere in Area 51 via the quantum mirror, asking for help to stave off a Goa’uld invasion in their reality. To Jack’s great discomfort, he learned that the alternate version of Sam was married to her Jack, and that he had died while defending the mountain.

You don’t even see her that way, do you?



When Jack became stranded on another planet after its Stargate was buried by a meteorite, Sam worked tirelessly for three months to find a way to bring him home.

You miss him. ” “Yeah.



When it appeared that Sam and Jack were programmed Goa’uld assassins, they were forced to admit their feelings for one another in order to prove their innocence.

I didn’t leave, because I’d have rather died myself than lose Carter. … Because I care about her… A lot more than I’m supposed to.



While stuck in a time loop, Jack took advantage of the situation by handing General Hammond resignation papers, then sweeping Sam off her feet with a big kiss — all of which only Jack could remember after the time loop reset itself.

Resigning? What for? ” “So I can do.. this…



When SG-1 was held prisoner on an alien world and forced to work as slave labor with modified memories, Sam and Jack were still drawn to one another. During a conversation regarding what small bits of information they could remember about who they really were, Jack admitted that he remembered feeling feelings for Sam.

I remember feeling feelings. … I don’t remember much. But I do remember that.



In an alternate version of the future, a falling-out with the other members of SG-1 had caused Jack to retire to his cabin in Minnesota. But when Sam asked him for his help to save the future, he reluctantly complied, putting his life on the line.

What does your dearly beloved ambassador say about all of this? ” “I haven’t had a chance to tell him. ” “Maybe he can help you.



After Sam’s body was taken over by an alien entity, Jack made the ultimate sacrifice by zatting Sam twice – presumably killing her – in order to maintain security of the base.

This one is important. ” “She is.



When Sam went missing, Jack enlisted the aid of an unlikely ally – Colonel Maybourne – to get to the bottom of her disappearance.

We’re talking about Carter here.



Jack came down with a deadly disease, and the only way to save his life was with a Tok’ra symbiote. At first he refused, but after Sam pleaded for him to, he agreed.

Sir… Please



After Jack was transported to an unknown location along with Colonel Maybourne, Sam broke down at the thought of never figuring out where they were sent.

It feels like we just lost Daniel. And I don’t know if I can…



When Sam’s life was in jeopardy after her DNA was unstablely manipulated by Nirrti, Jack offered his life in exchange for restoring Sam’s health and letting his team go.

Fix what you’ve done to Carter, let the rest of my team go, that’s all I ask. You can do whatever you want to me.



Trapped alone aboard the Prometheus with a head injury, Sam began experiencing hallucinations of her teammates. When �Jack� appeared to her, she allowed herself to admit that she had feelings for him.

What if I quit the Air Force? Would that change anything, or is it just an excuse?



When Jack realized that Sam was dating someone, the two shared a very awkward conversation about it.

No, it’s great. ” “Really? ” “Isn’t it? ” “Well, it’s not serious or anything.



After the Alpha Site was attacked by Anubis’ forces, and it seemed unlikely that Sam could have survived the ambush, Jack refused to give up hope of finding her.



HEROES part 2

After seeing Jack hit by a staff blast in the middle of a firefight, Sam opened up to Jack and let him know that she still cared for him.

Sir, I just wanted to say… When you were lying there, I- I’m really glad you’re okay.


LOST CITY part 1

Knowing that Jack may not survive the Ancient knowledge being downloaded into his mind, Sam found herself at his doorstep, realizing it could be her last chance to talk to him heart-to-heart.

I uh, I was out driving. You know, in my car. And I, uh, I- I drove – here. Heh.


LOST CITY part 2

With Jack near death after saving Earth from Anubis’ forces, Sam urged him not to give up so easily.

Please… Jack!



Sam decided she was making a big mistake marrying Pete, and broke off the engagement. Jack’s new girlfriend broke up with him, telling him he had “issues” she couldn’t deal with, which was the fact that he was in love with Sam.

Is the Air Force the only thing keeping you two apart? Rules and regulations? Because if it is, you’re making a very big mistake.


MOEBIUS part 2

After meeting for the first time, the alternate Sam and Jack hit it off pretty quickly.

What? ” “It’s just a little weird hearin that kind of stuff come out of someone so… ” “So what? ” “Hot.

Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 9
Avalon 1

Sam tells Cameron she took the Area 51 job for personal reasons – perhaps an allusion to her relationship with Jack

Jack mentions selling a motorcycle but given the only motorcycle in canon is Sam’s is there a connection?


Jack comes to visit Daniel and says he’s in the neighborhood with a surprise for Cameron (Maybe Sam told him to go, and he’s on his way to see her next?)

Jack tells Cameron that as a general he can do anything – perhaps an allusion to his relationship with Sam?


Jack sends Sam back to the SGC to help out Landry

Ex Deus Machina

Sam tells Barratt ‘not exactly’ when he asks if she’s single; she does confirm she’s not with Pete – is she with Jack?

Ripple Effect

Black AU Sam is back from honeymoon (maybe with Jack, or maybe since she’s evil she married Pete)

When AU Martouf says that long distance relationships can be difficult Sam looks like she understands (because she is in a long distance relationship with Jack?)

Sam almost kisses AU Martouf but stops just in time and seem to be thankful it didn’t happen

One AU Sam is on maternity leave. No mention of who the ‘husband/father’ is, but we know it’s Jack


A royal marriage is alluded to in the poker game

Sam looks comfy in Jack’s cabin


Shower scene between Sam and invisible Jack

Daniel mentions Jack having unfinished business he agrees and everyone looks at Sam

Fishing is referred to by Jack

Wedding scenario with Jack and Sam

Nice looks after the wedding suggestion

Standing closely together in the gate room before they depart

The Quest 2

When Sam decks Baal it’s sweet revenge for herself and maybe a little for Jack too?!

Line in the Sand

Sam says ‘d’oh’ when she is handed decaf coffee

Sam mentions she has letters for people after she is dead and that the password to her personal directory is ‘fishing’

Road Not Taken

Sam is interested in who her counterpart is married to and is disturbed but relieved to hear that her counterpart divorced McKay

The Shroud

Sam and Jack stand closely together in her lab and discuss Daniel in a way that indicates emotional intimacy

Sat next to each other in briefings (and fully facing each other)

Nice smile during the ‘crazy’ discussion

Jack’s discussion about worry seems very personal for a senior military officer


(Lee suggests that the conference offers a great single scene which is a great window of opportunity possibly indicating that when Sam was single, Jack retired as he did in the episode WoO? Certainly references shippy episode!) Sam looks as though she is about to contradict Dr Lee’s assumption she is single

The holographic technology Sam is demonstrating is called Chimera possibly suggesting Sam is perpetuating an illusion about her single status and indicating that her relationship with Pete was nothing but an illusion of love

Bad Guys

Sam is stuck in Washington debriefing the President but maybe spending time with a certain General?


Sam appears to give up getting home and possibly on her relationship with Jack as the shippy music plays

She is encouraged to continue by Jack’s friend Landry before receiving a hug from Teal’c a la Paradise Lost

Ark of Truth

Sam is very bubbly with Mitchell in the infirmary – obviously off to see Jack!


Sam smiles when Landry mentions Jack and makes a comment that acknowledges her understanding of his history with Baal

Sam and Jack stand closely together during Ba’al’s extraction ceremony

Jack tells Baal that his life is quite good (a reference to his relationship with Sam perhaps)

She refuses to leave him when he dies

Sam is devastated by his death and cannot function back on Earth in the changed timeline – Mitchell has to remind her they need her

Sam is ecstatic to see Jack alive and Jack seems delighted to see her but she is confused when he calls her a dead astronaut

She can’t stop looking at him when they come aboard the sub

Sam realizes this Jack is not her Jack in the ward room of the submarine

The interrogation sequence is a nice call back to POV

Sam shops for ‘Frootees’ – the timelines version of Fruit Loops

With the timeline restored, Jack invites everyone to lunch and even offers to buy at Sam’s non-verbal prodding

Jack and Sam walk off together to talk about a ‘moonbase’


The Return 2

Jack notes he’d watched Carter enough times to know McKay was only pretending to get them out

Jack tells Weir that next time she should consider bringing Carter

Jack notes he’s going to take a puddle jumper home, have a hot shower, hot toddy and…he’s interrupted!! Maybe he was going to mention a certain hot blonde!


When Sheppard congratulates Sam he looks down at her hand and she is confused at first, (perhaps thinking it could be a personal congratulations related to a momentous event in her relationship with Jack?) until he specifies he was speaking of her promotion to Colonel.

Sam has a photo of Jack in civvies in her luggage which never appears in her office

Doppelganger; Tabula Rasa; The Seer; Be All My Sins Remember’d

Sam has a picture of her and Jack fishing in her office (you can see it in numerous episodes and it changes position from time to time, which means she must pick it up and look at it – maybe when she’s missing Jack?)

Be All My Sins Remember’d (deleted scene)

Sam talking to Caldwell about how much she misses SG1 and how it’s lonely at the top and Atlantis isn’t really home (Could she also be missing Jack?)

Trio (deleted scene)

Sam discusses a relationship with an older man in Washington (confirmed by series’ producer to be Jack)

The Kindred 2

When Carson is frozen in the Ancient stasis pod Sam looks very unnerved (like she is reliving bad memories of Jack from Lost City)


Air 1

The Hammond beams Eli and Rush aboard, was Jack also beamed and with Sam?

Jack responds with urgency as soon as he is told they’ve made contact with Sam

The discussion is free of the usual ‘sirs’ and feels like an exchange between equals rather than CO and subordinate officer. There’s an intimacy in the exchange

Air 3

Is Jack playing chess with Sam?


Jack notes that Carter’s wacky science saved his butt a lot

He is quick to agree to the continuing home visits Young demands as though he knows what it feels like to be separated from loved ones


Jack notes to Daniel that Carter is scanning the area

He tells Telford that he knows what makes him special – a reference to Sam?!

Incursion 1

Sam reports to Jack on the mission and that she has lost two of her men. He tells her “I’m sorry, Sam” – calling her Sam for the first time in years!!!

Jack talks proudly to Young of how Sam made the hard decision


Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 8
New Order 1

She risks her integrity and her career in blackmailing Weir to agree to the crazy plan to contact the Asgard

She doesn’t want to talk about Pete but her statement about being hard to say goodbye to someone you care about when you might not see him again doesn’t sound like she’s talking about Pete

She’s a little put out with Thor for not responding to their attempts to contact them and not agreeing to go back and help Jack immediately

New Order 2

Jack finds out about her possible death from the Asgard computer and tells Daniel he’s grateful for the concern

His concern for her when he reawakens and they see her alive but held hostage by Fifth

He argues with Thor that her life is as important as the entire Asgard civilization

Sam’s face when Fifth tells her O’Neill has helped the Asgard

His search for her

Their greeting of each other when they find Sam

She tells him he does have an office and he can only do whatever he wants within reason

The look between them when he promotes her


Jack telling Sam to stop jumping up

He won’t risk the lives of his team “on a slick resume” which she considers uncharacteristically cautious

His thanking her when she says there’s nothing in the regs about making Sg1 a 4 man team

The look she gives him when Daniel asks who shot him

They are sitting awfully close together in the briefing room and leaning into each other.

Jack shooting Sam with a zat

Sam worries about him from the control room

Sam is the first one running into the gateroom to help Jack up off the floor at the end, and their hands touch briefly.

Zero Hour

The rushed briefing and his telling her to take Sg3

Her sulking in her lab because she thinks he doesn’t trust her to lead Sg1

The goodbye scene when they leave for the mission

Jack trusting Sam when they finally do make contact

The scene in the corridor when he compliments her on her leadership and they discuss the tainted ZPM


Jack being frustrated and taking it out a little on Sam, telling her to find a way for them to speak with Daniel

Sam coming through with a way to speak with Daniel


The look they share when Teal’c tells him he died well in battle

She has to translate Dr. Lee for him

Virtual Sam states her disbelief that Jack is dead

Jack and Sam discussing the situation with Teal’c

He comes up with the solution again, but she has to explain to him what it is

Sam noting the last thing they need is for the game to learn from Jack’s experience


Sam’s surprise at Pete’s proposal

Sam wondering about the sociological pressure of being in a relationship

Jack coming to check on her because she hasn’t tried to confuse him with scientific babble in several days and that worries him

Her discussion with Jack about the proposal where he’s not allowing her to hide behind excuses on her doubts regarding having a family and making her job work; but admits if things had been different for him – if he still had his family – he wouldn’t be at the SGC

Sam, for some unfathomable reason, actually agreeing to marry Pete


Allusion to Sam knowing Colson personally and Jack sounds a little jealous


Jack and Sam’s walk through the corridor and he grabs her when he asks her progress on finding Ishta’s people a new home

Sam turns Jack around when he notices some Jaffa women like a wife with a husband

They glance at one another at the wedding when Bra’tac says “May you love and fight like warriors.”


When Sam says there’s no way to know what’s going on without the gate Jack doesn’t hesitate to tell her “You’ll think of something”

Jack worries about Sam on the ship and hesitates in giving the order to destroy it knowing she and Daniel are on board

He’s very relieved when he hears Sam and the rest of the team are alright

When Daniel says it might have been better to destroy the ship when he had the chance Jack says it was a tough choice but he looks at Sam and smiles as he walks away


Daniel notes that Jack won’t let Sam go to Atlantis because he needs her here; Sam said his exact words were “Over my dead body”

He looks to Sam when it appears that her IDC is what’s come through with her standing there

The scene at the beginning in the control room, Jack locks eyes with Sam at the monitor

When they see RepliCarter for the first time and Jack says ‘if only’ to the idea of their being two Samantha Carters

When Jack questions her about feeling pain she says she can feel a lot of things (perhaps hinting that she feels what Sam feels for him)

When RCarter says destroying her should be easy for him, he hesitates

He lets her talk him into allowing a meeting with RCarter and later working with her (because she can talk him into almost anything) and RCarter knows that he trusts her and will listen to her

RCarter shows Sam a scene of Fifth forcing her to kill Jack and hesitating

RCarter tells Sam that she denies herself her own desires and plays by the rules

Jack tries to comfort Sam at the end

It’s Good to Be King

He compliments her on the “nice ride”

He asks her to help him figure out how to make the ship work; she tells him he’s on his own, but then comes over to help

She takes his sidearm

Jack and Sam go off together to deal with the ship

Sam and Jack take the time-ship for a ride together and destroy the Goa’uld mother ship (she teases him about his flying and targeting)

Jack stops Sam from taking Maybourne to task for his wives

Full Alert

Jack teasing Sam in the briefing about being way ahead of her

He jokingly bets five bucks she has a theory to explain what’s going on

Jack relying on Sam to come up with the answers

Citizen Joe

Phone call at start

Joe comments to Jack that he won’t say a word about his feelings for…possibly Sam? (Of course!)

Joe is about to comment on ‘the whole Pete Shanahan thing’ when Jack stops him

She is amused when he says that he found seeing life as a barber in Indiana relaxing

Reckoning 1

Sam and Jack talking about Daniel and RepliCarter

Jack and her father’s concern when she plans to engage the Replicator ships (she only acknowledges him)

Sam arriving back in Jack’s office from Thor’s ship

Reckoning 2

The scene at the end where they discuss Thor and Daniel and the Replicators freezing


Sam going to see Jack and seeing Kerry

The look at the end of the discussion about Daniel

Jacob meeting Pete

Sam’s look when Jacob says he knows how happy Pete makes her

The phone calls during the briefing, him not paying attention while she’s on the phone with Pete, and her not wanting to say “I love you” in front of everyone (especially Jack?)

The ‘go pick flowers’ discussion in the briefing room

She’s mad at Jacob for mentioning the wedding in front of Jack

Sam realizing as she looks at the house Pete bought that she’s made a huge mistake

Sam sitting in the car trying to get up the courage to talk with Jack

The awkward scene at Jack’s house


Sam’s conversation with her father

Jack thinking—about Sam?

Kerry’s break-up conversation with Jack

Jack makes his decision

Jack comforting Sam over Jacob and noting that he’ll be there for her ‘always’

He watches over her as she says her final goodbye to Jacob

Sam breaking up with Pete

The two of them sitting closely in the briefing room when Daniel arrives back from the dead and Jack says ‘I do’

Fishing together

Moebius 1

Standing really close when Daniel shows them the picture of the ZPM

Briefing on the ZPM and using the time-ship – their hands touch

He complains that she won’t let him use the time-ship to watch the world series

Her cautioning everyone as they leave the time-ship

She reminds him to keep a low profile for the night and he wants to know what’s for dinner

She stops him from trying to kill Ra

The discussion on what they do now they can’t get back to the time-ship

Moebius 2

AT Sam wonders if she has a boyfriend

AT Jack telling AT Sam she’s hot

AT Sam and AT Jack kissing in the time-ship when they think they are about to die

AT Jack telling Daniel to wait after they’ve been rescued and then kissing AT Sam again

The look she gives him on the tape

The ZPM scene where Jack tells Sam she has packing to do

Fishing together