Episode Guide: Sam and Jack


He’s very proud of himself and almost showing off his cleverness for her with the cliché contest

They move as one when they see Daniel

He sees how disturbed she is when Daniel rejects her and tries to make a joke to make her smile

‘You’re it’ when handing over talking to Daniel

She thinks Daniel calling him Jim is funny, while he is not amused

Him heckling her in the briefing

The this is the craziest plan we’ve come up with discussion

Jack and Sam in the X302; Sam ‘I can tell you exactly what it’s made of.’ Jack ‘Why thank you ma’am.”


Their shared worry for Daniel and Jonas in the hands of Anubis and they don’t know where to find them (hearkens back to Jack’s experience with Ba’al)

Going to talk to the Kelownans and working together

He tries to get her to lighten up when discussing Anubis making use of the naquadriah

Silent, almost instantaneous communication about whether to help the Kelownans fight Anubis

When Teal’c is talking to Jack about Ba’al she senses his distress from across the room and turns to him; he looks to her for support

When the story about the dancing monkey’s falls flat he passes the diplomatic ball over to her

He agrees to let her go retrieve the crystal but sends Teal’c with her

Fragile Balance

He asks for Sam when he arrives as a teenager

She sets him up with a Playstation

Sam admits teenage Jack is cute

Sam lets him into the briefing

Sam is sent to tell Jack he’s dying, and she stays with him

She brings her father to help and when Jacob suggests stasis and he resists she uses her trump card, ‘Please’ (ala Frozen)

Jack finding everyone including Sam in his bedroom

She’s relieved to have the original Jack again

Ask her to explain what’s going on and she introduces him to his clone

He asks her if he should be irked about being kidnapped and cloned and she agrees that she would be


Plan B discussion


When Jack introduces the team he calls her Sam.

As they are walking into the village, Sam smiles slightly and looks fondly amused with Jack over his “trade.”

When Sam reports about the dropping power, Jack is a little impatient with her technobabble, but restrains himself from cutting her off.

He calls Sam to warn her that they may be in danger and tells her to be careful.


‘We have a shipload of frozen people’ exchange

Waking up in the infirmary together

Go to check on Daniel together, no sense of personal space, their whole sides are up against each other

Enemy Mine

In the infirmary: ‘How’s the science project?’ Jack, ‘You mean my complete overhaul of the gate diagnostic system?’ Sam.

Space Race

Their looks when Eamon says they couldn’t win the race without her

The scene when they look at the instruction book; ‘That’s not our language!’ Jack. ‘It’s mine, Sir.’ Sam. (And there’s touching.)

Teal’c getting out of the diplomacy; ‘I do not wish to disappoint Major Carter.’ Teal’c. ‘Yes I know the feeling.’ Jack. (And more touching.)

His contacting her about the ion drive and telling her not to take risks

Avenger 2.0

She takes him for the demo with Felger, the bit about phasers (and more touching)

He wants her to come on the mission with him instead of staying to work with Felger

He worries about her heading to a hostile planet with only Felger as back up; turns up in an Alkesh to save her

She indulges his desire to surprise General Hammond with his “alternate transportation”

In Felger’s fantasy, he and Jack watch Sam and Chloe fighting


She’s not amused by his willingness to ‘help’ the Ha’ktyl propagate

Sam’s discussion with the Jaffa woman on her relationship with Jack: ‘You are close to Col O’Neill?’, ‘Yeah. I like to think we have a special relationship.’ Sam replies. ‘I hope to someday have a special relationship.’, ‘Oh. No. It’s not like that.’ ‘Like what?’ ‘We aren’t…I mean…we don’t…’ Sam stutters. ‘I was speaking of the mutual respect you share.’ Sam; ‘I knew that.’

Shared look when the symbiote is brought out

Evolution 1

Sam and Jack discussing her plan to catch the super-soldier

Jack and Sam trying to catch the super-soldier (blowing things up together)

Sam and Jack agreeing facetiously that Jack’s attempt to talk them out of prison ‘went well’

Sam names the super-soldier and gets Jack’s approval

Their mutual distress over Daniel’s kidnapping

Evolution 2

Jack’s discussion with Sam before leaving to rescue Daniel

The scene in the gate room when Sam arrives back: ‘Miss me?’ Jack asks in front of her father and General Hammond. ‘Of course, sir.’ Sam.

Jack compliments her on the command then invites her to lunch.


Really abrupt with Daniel in the elevator because of his worry for her

She imagines her father tells her to find happiness and allow herself to love and be loved (similar to what he tells her on his deathbed, but not reflecting his actual understanding of her feelings for Jack)

His disappointment and frustration when their search is a bust

Her scene with ‘hallucination’ Jack as she discusses her relationship with him (or lack thereof) and imagines a kiss

Worrying back at the SGC about her as they struggle to find her; his scene with Teal’c in the locker room

The scene in the infirmary at the end: he’s staring at her while she sleeps; she calls him ‘Jack’; he mentions cake; she fails to confront him about their true feelings


Sam, Jack, the elevator and humming

His picking up something is wrong and her confiding that she thought Pete might have been able to handle the truth about her job

Death Knell

His concern when survivors are found and she isn’t with them

Jack won’t stop until he’s found her

Jack turns up to rescue her just in the nick of time

His concern for her after he’s found her and saved her from the super soldier

The cuddle at the end

Heroes 1

Sam’s interview with Bregman when he questions her about Jack and she calls him an amazing man

Heroes 2

Her concern for him on the battlefield

She can’t hold back her emotions when she tells him she’s really glad he’s OK

The hug in his infirmary room


Kinsey suggests Sam and Jack are more than friends or colleagues

Lost City 1

He tells Daniel that helping him with the crossword will be the one thing she doesn’t know

He’s obsessed with the crossword she gave him; it’s even more important than work (and his job is to save the planet!)

She turns up at his house—funny story; when she tells him she couldn’t sleep he tells her she should have called

They discuss how many planets they’ve visited, most of which you can’t see from earth

He encourages her to stay when she gets uncomfortable

They have the national treasure discussion

They share a smile about Daniel’s funny story of ending up at Jack’s house

He deflects attention from his situation by joking that time is relative and Carter could explain it if there were enough time

Lost City 2

The last thing he wants to do before he loses his faculties is finish the crossword she gave him; she’s not impressed with his Uma Thurman answer

He tells her to take command; he says he trusts her and resigns

On the ship, she tries to tell him what she was going to say at the house before Daniel and Teal’c showed up and he stops her with ‘I know’

She orders him after he tells her to take over the leadership

She’s immediately by his side when he collapses in the chair at the end; she calls him ‘Jack’ and pleads with him to stay with them

He says farewell, “Aveo Amacus”

She reaches out to touch the icy tomb tenderly and he seems to be looking back at her


Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 6
Redemption 1

Hammond orders her to figure it out, she looks at him and he says “I got nothin’.”

Jack volunteers to go with Sam to try and contact the Asgard, despite his injured knee

She checks him out as they board the X302

Sam and Jack in the X302

He teases about the 605-2 error and being “torn asunder”

Her confession that she doesn’t have the answer and is scared; the ‘not that you’re an egghead…well you are an egghead…’ Then she calls him simple and they decide to go eat cake

Redemption 2

Her briefing him on the new plan to fly the Stargate out and encouraging him about Jonas

Her concern for him when they wonder if he made it


Teases her about “You scientists”

Discussion of “shrinkage” and the tropics

Almost drowning together in the locked corridor; he holds on to her

He encourages her and shows his confidence in her when she has to get the force field working with little time


Sam asking Jack to take the Tok’ra symbiote


She is not happy that Jack is still with the Tok’ra


Sam working hard to find Jack

The scene in the infirmary at the end

The Other Guys

Her distress when he is being tortured


She stops him from being undiplomatic with the Tok’ra

Sam explaining the overload and Jack without a cup of coffee

The scene with the za’tarc detector and remembering the false reading

He doesn’t call Teal’c off at Jacob’s request but he does when she gives him the look

He doesn’t like her techno talk with the Tok’ra and cuts her off when she tries it with him

He checks out her six, in front of her dad

He likes it when she makes him tingle, with the adjustments to the naquadah reactor


The discussion about having a “man friend” and why Tok’ra take hosts

He relies on her when reporting to the SGC and asks her if it’s OK to sign off

Provide each other with sounding board on whether to tell the Tok’ra or not/how to deal with the Tok’ra

Argue over the motivations and reliability of the Tok’ra


He’s mad as hell when he finds out the ship she’s on has been taken over by terrorists

He’s right there as soon as he hears her voice

Jack concerned about Sam as she gets trapped and has to get out of the store room before it takes off

Rescuing her in the nick of time again

He expects her to get them home, but she tells him she can’t

Unnatural Selection

The Enterprise discussion

The discussion with Thor about footwear and how that changes things

His look when she volunteers to let Fifth go into her mind

Her look on his signal in setting the timer

The uneasy discussion at the end

Sight Unseen

Nice looks over the briefing table showing mutual concern for Jonas

Another invitation to go fishing

Smoke and Mirrors

She doesn’t believe for a second that he would have shot Kinsey

She defends him to Hammond and Davis

She goes to him in prison, and makes plans to find the people really responsible

She tells Barrett that she has working with Jack and trusting him every day with her life tells her all she needs to know about him

Her upset when he is identified by the gun dealer

Her relentless pursuit of truth to clear his name

Paradise Lost

His agreement for her to help Harry and worry when Harry zats her

Her confrontations with Dr Lee

Teal’c noticing her worry about him

Her suggesting to Hammond that they launch a satellite over the planet to find him, and insisting that you can’t put a cost on his life

Her devastation when the Tok’ra can’t find him on the planet (and Hammond notices)

The crying in the locker room

She doesn’t care about possibly getting command of SG1, she’s intent on finding him


Sam and Jack getting captured by Nirtii where she holds Sam hostage

His concern for her getting taken and offering himself

His taking care of her when she is brought back from being experimented on by Nirtii

His concern when she admits she isn’t going to be OK

Her snuggling up to him when she’s dying (and Teal’c turning away to give them privacy)

The way he hovers over her the whole time

His trying to convince Nirtii to fix Sam

His devastation when one of the natives kills Nirtii thinking they’ve lost the only opportunity to save her

His going back for her

His taking hold of her after she is returned to normal

Their looks and interplay about the machine and The Wizard of OZ


Jack and Sam at the telescope at the beginning

Sam says there’s nothing she wants to discuss when Curso asks her if she’s seeing someone back home

Jack concerned at seeing Sam zatted and on the ground

Makes sure she’s alright before going after Jonas

The Changeling

They are totally in sync in the fireman universe

Jack loves it when his dreams feel so real, and we know who he’s dreaming about (Yes, this is in Teal’c’s mind, but I get the feeling he’s heard something like this from Jack before)


Jack reminding Ronson that Carter’s a genius

A unified front with Ronson about the ‘BBQ’

Working together when dealing with the alien government

He sits next to her and turns fully toward her even when talking to the others

Sam checking out Jack’s six during the Chairman’s big speech

Nice smiles over coming back for a state dinner


Eating a very bad meal together

Jonas telling them he saw Sam get injured on the mission

Jack telling Sam to sit the mission out just in case

Going to see Jonas together in the infirmary

Full Circle

The whole Skaara wedding invitation: ‘Will you be coming together?’ Skaara, ‘As in?’ Jack, ‘Friends going to a wedding.’ Sam, ‘Ah, Yes. Sure.’ Jack searches desperately for a distraction.


Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 5

‘You go girl’ Jack

‘Welcome to my life!’ Sam

He asks her to try opening the door and she talks back

Sam and Jack go after Teal’c together


He tries to rush her and tells her not to turn anything on

He’s concerned about her in the briefing, keeps looking over at her and wants her to let SG-16 handle things

The ‘am I tense’ discussion?

His asking if he wants him to stick around when they examine her house for the alien and find nothing

Daniel asking ‘How’s Sam?’ and Jack avoiding the question

The discussion as he needs to go to the loo

When he turns up at the house and she hints she has a date, he answers ‘Good for you’ but stands on tiptoes trying to see into the house

His supporting her in front of Simmons in Hammond’s office and at the house

The Fifth Man

She tells him they aren’t leaving without him; he orders her to leave

Her refusal to give back her weapon and her insistence on going back

Her anger at not being able to go back

She talks Janet into investigating her vision instead of reporting it as the only way to help Jack

She finds it amusing that he invited “Tyler” fishing

Red Sky

‘I’ve been thinking’, ‘I’d be worried if you stopped’

He tells Daniel that Carter will come up with something miraculous and then when she has an idea he points it out

He tells her he has great confidence in her and she should go back to the SGC and confuse Hammond

‘I only understand 1% of what she says half the time.’ Jack about Sam

The scene where she’s explaining the solution in her lab and he gets the theory on the reintegration right

Right of Passage

Comes to see her and check on Cassie

Together on the way forward with Nirtii

She smiles when Cassie tells her Jack calls knights horses, and she defends him

The looks she gives him when he explains Cassie’s new abilities being attributable to magnets

The look he gives her with Cassie and Janet after Nirtii heals Cassie

Between Two Fires

He’s a little in awe and fear that Sam can be so sneaky about tracking the trinium

He uses Narim’s feelings for her to influence Narim to help them


Jack’s warning to Joe on asking Sam ‘how’

Jack mentions retirement right after Joe asks Sam on a date and she indicates she’s amenable

Their discussion on the note from the future: ‘Technically I haven’t sent it yet but if I get a chance again I’m sure going to fill it with a lot more detail.’, ‘Well you were probably trying to limit the causality violation by keeping it simple.’, ‘I wonder whose idea that was?’

He’s concerned when she has to go back to the Aschen alone and force their hand

His praise of her at the end and he’s the only one who ask her if she’s alright

Desperate Measures

His concern for her from the get-go

Jack gives up his National Geographics to find her

Jack’s face when he talks to Maybourne: ‘Harry, we’re talking about Carter here.’ ‘I know. I’m sorry Jack I really am. You know how this game is played and the people who play it. You have to prepare yourself for the possibility she might not be coming back.’

Jack trying everything to find her including going to Simmons

Jack arriving just in the nick of time to save her

Her finding him shot in the basement

The infirmary scene at the end

Proving Ground

Sam chews the cadets out for letting their feelings influence their actions in the field

She smiles at him chewing out the cadets and they discuss the training scenario

The scene in the mess with the jello and discussion on the new recruits

Sam noting ‘whoops’ when Elliot shoots Jack

She helps him up after being shot with the Intar

She tells him his wound is getting all over her lab

48 Hours

She inquires about his injury; he offers to help, but he doesn’t understand what she says so he offers to get her coffee

He doesn’t have a problem killing Conrad along with the goa’uld because he tried to kill Sam

His ‘are you sure you want to be in there?’ question when she’s in the gate room with Siler (and Siler answering back which is funny)

Last Stand

Their concern when they can’t reach each other

Jack getting Sam out when trapped in the tunnel


Nice look in the briefing

They push Spellman through the gate together

She comes upon him staring at a glowing light for no apparent reason

She doesn’t want to remind him about the recall device

Concern when she gets injured

Concern when she swoons; orders her to sit out the EVA

Concern when Jack can’t raise them in the ship

He lays down beside her as they wait to be rescued

The Warrior

His pride in her shooting skills

Shared look over leadership challenge being a fight to the death

Her reaction when he says he doesn’t talk much because he’s not that smart

Sitting next to one another by the fire


His indulgence of her new toy when they first bring Reese back, and she tries to turn it on

Together on their view of robots

She essentially orders him back to the planet, and he goes

He isn’t bothered when it’s Sam’s orders being followed on the planet, he just doesn’t want anyone to think he would say something like that

She is only mildly amused when he plays with the magnifying glass behind Daniel’s back

She basically tells him to stop playing with the Replicator when he’s tapping on the glass


Their discussion when Sam tells him that disobeying his order is the right thing to do when he is being tortured in front of her


The look she gives him when he agrees to take the mission

Scene in the corridor when she questions them going back to work

Her anger at his ‘good soldier crap’

Her shortness with him and refusal to put up with his banter when they arrive at the planet

His discussion of the Asgard’s inability to propagate through sexual reproduction

His walking through her as a hologram and checking her out

He sees her shot with a zat and her hologram disappears

Jack inviting Sam to join him and Teal’c for dinner


Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 4
Small Victories

The re-invitation to go fishing scene

Jack’s ‘you may not be dumb enough’ when she volunteers to go with Thor

Thor notices Sam’s worry for her team back on earth and tries to comfort her by saying that “O’Neill is a very capable human.”

They discuss their respective victories, “We kicked there asses” “They had asses”

She tells him she blew up The O’Neill

Season 4
The Other Side

Jack finding Carter already on the base and the ‘didn’t I order you to get a life?’ speech

His reassuring her over the dead people on the iris not being her fault

Her explaining the technology to him

Sitting together at the meal

Sam defending Jack to Daniel

The look between them when Jack orders the iris closed knowing the guy is probably going to follow them through


She suggests O’Malley’s and he agrees

She orders a diet Coke, which he finds amusing

The argument in front of Hammond, “Carter wanted a stake” “Actually it was your idea”

He checks on her when she starts to get hot

Jack going back for her when her armband fails

She worries about him when she wakes up and finds him passed out

Jack trying to get her out from behind the force-shield and her pleading with him to leave her especially when they hear the Jaffa


He makes her smile when he mentions Teal’c’s romantic “history” and “sparkage”

Their debates about whether to trust the Tok’ra

Divide and Conquer

He’s got his arm around her as they come down the ramp, right in front of Hammond

Their first discussion on being za’tarc’s

Him pushing Anise away and not answering the question of whether there is someone else

His deciding to sacrifice his brain for her

The look as she tries to stop him as he’s walking past in the corridor

Her realization of what they were hiding

Her discussion with him on why they were not telling the whole truth

Jack’s confession about his feelings for Sam ‘I would rather die myself than lose Carter’

The moment at the force-shield

Hers (off screen) and their agreement to ‘leave it in the room’

Window of Opportunity

Her coming to him in the commissary and asking him what she’s going to say next, him teasing her back that he knew she was going to say that

The kiss

The look in the briefing room the next loop

The look of pain on her face when he says how much it hurt to lose his son

His look when Daniel asked him if he took advantage of there never being any consequences


Cute look between them when the gate won’t engage and Jack sends Sam off to fix it.

Marchov’s and Sam’s discussion re Jack ‘is he always like this?’ ‘actually this is quite charming’

Look between Jack and Sam when Marchov talks about losing the people she works with and knew well

Jack tells Sam good luck as they go through the gate and Sam responds with “Thank you.”

The First Ones

Close during the night

Get tied up next to each other

Scorched Earth

Jack trying to stop Sam opening drawers in the ship

His ordering her to make the bomb

Her trying to change his mind about using the bomb

Beneath the Surface

He’s protective of her throughout

She goes to him to vent when she’s frustrated

Jack has dreams about “other things”

Jack and Sam sitting snuggled up together as Jonah and Therra; and he admits he remembers having feelings for her

When he wakes her up they are holding hands

Sam looks at Jack with admiration when he frees the laborers and shows them sunlight for the first time.

The scene at the end where their memories start to return and she calls him ‘sir’ the look of regret between them both before he quietly says for them to go home

Point of No Return

Jack is worried about Sam when she and Daniel go missing

Jack checks on Sam and goes to untie her first


She worries about him as he and Teal’c go flying off into space uncontrolled

Her despair after the failed burn

Her waking him up when they reach him in Jacob’s ship: ‘Dammit, Colonel, we haven’t come all this way to take you home in a box, now wake up.’

His happiness to see her; “Hi, Sir.”

His automatic yes in response to if he trusts her

The Curse

Another invitation to go fishing; another refusal

Serpent’s Venom

Her teasing him about what she’s reading being “all Phoenician to me.”

Jack crawls in by Sam to check on the mine, his head almost resting on her belly

Jack pulling Sam out from under the mine and placing her behind him


Sam is the one who goes to see Jack to convince him to help them

His genuine regret when she tells him she can’t have children

His jealousy of her husband in the scene at the cabin

He shows up at the SGC anyway

In the briefing room he tells her he’s still considering getting a dog

He agrees when Joe asks Jack to keep Sam out of the plan

Her running back to the wormhole

Absolute Power

Interestingly in Daniel’s dream its Jack who Sam turns to for help when Daniel has her locked up

The Light

The discussion about Jack’s bet with Daniel

Her figuring out what the bet was really about

Their shared horror over the suicide guy

Their snapping at each other and grabbing each other on the beach


His greeting Sam and Hailey

His trust in her theories

Her understanding of his decision

She wishes him luck

She worries about him as he’s running for the gate


His concern over her injury at the beginning

He saves her when the entity enters her

Jack’s discussion with Janet on getting the entity out of Sam

Jack’s anger at the entity—it’s not Sam; his agreement that ‘this one is important’

Hammond hinting that he knows Sam means a lot to Jack

His blackmailing of the entity to save Sam

His look of horror at shooting her

The scene with Janet telling him to let her go

The exchange at the end; ‘I was shouting for you to hear’ ‘We heard’. He reaches out to touch her but pulls back at the last minute and his hand lands on the gurney.

Double Jeopardy

The two Jacks squaring up to fight and Sam’s ‘Sirs! As much as I’d like to see how this plays out don’t we have something more important to do?’

Watching the others’ robot double dying


His pep talk before she blows up the sun

Sam telling her Dad they are not leaving Jack and Teal’c behind


Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 3: Into the Fire

Her concern for him when he’s zatted

She can’t watch as he is goa’ulded

She goes back for him

He yanks Hathor off her

The hug

The working together to rescue the others

She calls out to warn him and runs to him after the battle

Season 3: Seth

He calls Jacob ‘Dad’ to his face in front of Sam, and neither one of them reacts

‘Hail Dorothy’

Season 3: Fair Game

He watches proudly as she gets promoted and is about to give a speech about her when he gets beamed out

She wishes him luck before the negotiations start and she confides about her mixed feelings about Chronos to him (him being the System Lord who ordered Jolinar’s death). He smiles and winks at her as she leaves.

He tries to help her when she can’t heal Chronos

Season 3: Legacy

She’s concerned about how to save him when they’re trapped in the lab with the devices

Season 3: Learning Curve

The discussion on ‘fun’

Him waking her up

Him ordering her to get some sleep

He smiles at Merin’s painting of “Major Carter”

Season 3: Point of View

Jack’s initial reaction to AU Sam

Jack pointing out that our Sam knows how he feels about cliches

His stopping the “Sams” from arguing

His realization that AU Sam and Jack were married; his comforting AU Sam

His stopping to ask his Sam how she’s dealing with it all

The look in the briefing room when Sam realizes that AU Sam and Jack were married and Jack’s wince

Jack and Kawalsky’s discussion about Jack and Sam

Jack’s kiss with AU Sam while our poor Sam watches from the other side of the mirror!!!

Season 3: Deadman’s Switch

Jack going to rescue Sam and waking her up

Jack waking Sam up again after she’s passed out in the ship

Season 3: Rules of Engagement

The whole ‘you see where I’m going with this’ discussion of the solution of showing Apophis’s death on the Goa’uld communication device

Season 3: Forever in a Day

All in Daniel’s head, but don’t they look cute together even in Daniel’s mind, and look they match

Season 3: Past and Present

‘The MALP is worthless; it’s you I trust’ Jack to Sam

Jack and Sam noticing Kera and Daniel connecting in the library

Her and Jack’s discussion of Linnea’s journal and realizing Kera is Linnea

Her removing his hands from his ears to tell him the bad news

Season 3: Jolinar’s Memories

He teases her about the Tok’ra IDC, “maybe it’s Dad”

He’s not too happy about Martouf holding her hand in the hall

Tries to make her laugh during the briefing, “Might as well check out the neighborhood”

He assures Hammond, and her, that they will rescue Jacob

He is concerned about her on the journey to Netu – tells Martouf to back off and wakes up immediately when she cries out

He protests when Binar wants to see her

Season 3: The Devil You Know

He tries to stop them taking her to be tortured and gets shot

Season 3: Foothold

When she finds him in the chamber

Scene in the control room when the aliens are escaping

The briefing at the end when she gets praised for stopping the aliens

Season 3: Urgo

The eating together

Sitting really close to each other in the infirmary

The trying to switch Urgo off moment

Jack silently denying he’s thinking of bikinis to Sam

The scene in the gear-up room

She smirks at him when he admits he actually likes Urgo

Season 3: A Hundred Days

Jack telling Sam to just enjoy the show instead of describing the science behind the “fire rain”

Sam waiting until the last possible moment before the meteor hits to keep the wormhole open for Jack

Sam working all hours to build a particle beam generator; the discussion with Janet ‘You miss him’

Sam’s bemusement when he walks away from her at his rescue and her realization of his involvement with Laira

Season 3: Shades of Grey

Jack steps in before Sam can incriminate herself in the briefing when he admits he stole the technology

His scene in the corridor when he says he hasn’t been himself since he met her

Her look of pain as she salutes him goodbye believing he is returning to Edora

He watches her a lot when he’s spying on SG1

She’s the first to welcome him back

Season 3: New Ground

Their concern for each other getting tortured by zats

Season 3: Maternal Instinct

I’m fairly certain she’s the one helping him to remove his weapons when they get to the temple

Season 3: Crystal Skull

She inadvertently calls him dense

Practically sitting in each other’s laps in the briefing

The funny screwing up the technical terms before they go to the planet, “Nintendos pass through everything”

He picks her up when she falls unconscious on the planet and carries her back

She’s the first person he asks about when he wakes up in the infirmary

The discussion about Daniel as he walks her to the elevator

Season 3: Nemesis

The whole invitation to go fishing; her surprise ‘is that an invitation’; ‘nothing wrong with two workmates, friends if you will’; her reluctant refusal; his swift acceptance; her indecision and running after him

His refusal to let her join him when he appears as a hologram and her realization it’s a one way trip

His greeting of her when they beam up ‘I gave you people a direct order’

His showing her the stones


Episode Guide: Sam and Jack

Season 2: The Serpent’s Lair

She bites him; “I like your spirit”

The exchange of looks when they leave Daniel

The exchange in the gliders at the end

Jack hugs her as the camera pans out right at the end

Season 2: In the Line of Duty

He goes back for her on the planet

His whole concern for Sam when Jolinar is holding the gate room hostage with a grenade

The scene where he walks out when she’s begging him to believe Jolinar

When he realizes the Ashrak has got to her

Wipes away a tear when they bring her into the infirmary

Waiting for her to wake up and telling when she does “you beat it’”

Season 2: Prisoners

He checks she’s alright after being attacked

His bragging to Linea about how she figured out how to work the Gate

He gives her a little slap on the arm to get her attention.

Her concern when the boys are getting their butts kicked

Season 2: Need

His look at her when Daniel runs after the princess, “I hate it when he does that”

His concern when Pyrus grabs her and runs his hand through her hair

He reaches out for her and places a hand on her back as they attempt escape.

Their mutual amusement over Daniel when they hear Shyla has a crush on him

When they’re still in the mines her resting next to him and falling asleep exhausted

Season 2: Thor’s Chariot

Jack checks Sam out while she is briefing Hammond

Nice look between them in the briefing when they’re trying to convince Hammond to let them go back

Season 2: Message in a Bottle

Jack hints at remembering the Broca Divide kiss as they find the bottle

Her worry about him as soon as he gets spiked

Keeping hold of him as Janet examines him, and leaves only reluctantly when Teal’c prepares to shoot the orb

Holding hands when she asks him for permission to try something

Her upset at thinking she’s killed him

Rushing into the gate room to check on him, keeps a hand on his knee

Season 2: Family

Lovely non-verbal interaction with Fro’tak is talking with Teal’c as they share a long look

Season 2: Secrets

Blow off this medal thing and go with the boys.

Walking to and arriving at the reception together.

Meeting Dad for the first time

He says, “We have our moments” and they share conspiratorial smiles

Covering each other when they come through the gate and find Heru’ur

Funny exchange over his throwing the knife through the shield

Hiding together when Apophis arrives back

Season 2: Bane

The discussion on saving Teal’c’s symbiote

Season 2: Spirits

Him wishing her well on her first command

Him walking out on her and her being furious ‘He is very upset’ says Teal’c, ‘Yeah so am I’ Sam replies

They meet at the armory and without talking about it Sam takes his weapon, readies it and hands it back to him as he can’t do it himself because of his arm

Season 2: The Tok’ra I

He seems to agree to the whole mission just because it’s her; there’s a look before he says ‘let’s check it out’

He gets jealous over Martouf

He’s very concerned about her the whole time: he only lets her go with Martouf reluctantly and tells Martouf to bring her back before curfew

He would battle the whole of the Tok’ra just to get her home to her Dad when they receive the news from Makepeace

Season 2: The Tok’ra II

He helps take her Dad through the gate

He agrees reluctantly to let her stay behind and then worries about his decision back at the SGC; is pleased to see her back

Season 2: Touchstone

The discussion on doohickey and look

Season 2: The Fifth Race

She takes charge when he collapses

He shows her base eight math

Jack worries even when he’s being overwritten with Ancient and comes up with the solution when she’s stuck on the planet

Her surprise that he drew the blue prints to fix the DHD

Her worry when he’s with the Asgard

Season 2: Serpent’s Song

Sam has a flashback to Jolinar and Jack calls her ‘Sam’ as he checks her in concerned (last time Jack calls her Sam in SG1)

Season 2: Holiday

Look they share when Daniel says he wouldn’t let Jack near his sister if he had one

Note: This is when these behind the scenes pics were taken

Season 2: Out of Mind

The whole checking out her naked bod

His seeing her worry for him in A Message in A Bottle episode on the memory screen

The whole exploring together scene where he has to hold her in order to keep her silent